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Trojan Technologies VIQUA Microsite


Planning a Fresh Start

As a leading water-treatment technology company, VIQUA is focused on providing consumers with confidence in their water. VIQUA's UV systems disinfect water in homes and light commercial applications in over 100 countries. As a newly positioned arm of Trojan Technologies, VIQUA approached Velocity Studios to help them develop an online brand and web presence.


Knowing the Right Way

During the initial research stage of the project, it became clear that we needed to tailor the site's messaging and visuals to two key stakeholders: the residential market and VIQUA distributors. The site had to look appealing commercially, but it also had to be functional and easy-to-use. Ultimately, the objective was to lead consumers right through the sales process to product registration. Velocity's job was the ensure the site guided each user with appropriate content and clear navigation.


Practicing Best Behaviours

A huge part of this project's success was based on understanding how website visitors behave and why. Velocity's expertise in this regard was put forward in mapping out the site requirements, navigation, design, layout, and content management system development. We build in a tracking and analyzing mechanism to continually monitor user navigation - a critical factor in the site's ongoing success. Very detailed wireframes gave us the blueprint for the site's striking visual assets, including a fluid 30-second brand animation of VIQUA's logo. The result is an engaging introduction that successfully - and beautifully - sets the overall tone and story.

25% Increase in Pageviews
30% Increase in overall unique visitors