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Moving with the Message

Online video is a powerful and persuasive communicator. It's also increasingly pervasive as it continues to work itself into just about every perceivable market. In fact, in 2009, nearly 31 billion online videos were viewed each month. Today, video is everywhere from desktops to mobile phones. After all, it's interactive, memorable, widely accessible, inexpensive to create and highly shareable. That's why Tourism London's Travel and Leisure department asked Velocity Studios to incorporate this tool into a microsite showcasing London's popular attractions.


Framing the Ideal Experience

If a picture paints a thousand words, consider the impact of a 60-second online video. It's a branding dream. But to be successful, online video must function smoothly. The information must be relevant. And the content must be fresh. So, the video platform on Tourism London's site had to be expandable, allowing for easy and on-going addition of new material by Tourism London staff.


Staying on Track

Velocity created an online video portal for Tourism London whereby users can peruse through a series of videos highlighting entertainment, restaurants, hotels and attractions. Velocity oversaw the design, layout and development, including:

  • multi-purpose video player integration
  • a customized content management system
  • search engine optimization (Google, Bing and Yahoo)
  • tracking and analysis of video plays and loads
  • support through maintenance and hosting
  • plus, an eBlast campaign

Using the URL, www.discoverourspirit.com we can track and monitor the effectiveness of various online and offline marketing initiatives and respond accordingly. This video platform has proven to be a powerful marketing tool as users continually guide the addition of enhanced content - a success by any measure.

50+ Videos Added
5.61 Average Videos per User Session
20k+ Video plays in 3 months