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Tourism London Meeting Planner Microsite


Marketing to a Unique Audience

A meeting and convention planner supervises and coordinates the strategic, operational and logistical activities necessary for the production of events and meetings. The planner can be employed or hired ad hoc by corporations, associations, governments, and other organizations. A wide array of factors may influence their decision including location, entertainment value, and price to name a few.

Tourism London approached us looking to design and develop a microsite with a distinct message and brand, which differed to their more travel & leisure brand promise.


Making Planning Simple and Easy

Meeting planners represent a very niche market in comparison to Tourism London’s very broad-based family oriented consumer audience. This therefore causes a bit of challenge when users visit Tourism London’s main site. The meeting planner section of the website needed its own digital strategy in order to attract this very unique market.

If content reigns king, than SEO is queen. If you have great content, you need to be found. It was apparent from the web analytics that Tourism London’s meeting planner section was not ranking to high in either of the web’s search engines. Search Engine Optimization was a major issue with the existing site, which we had to enhance.


Marketing Your Meeting

It was our intention from the onset of the project to break down what was absolutely important for meeting planners when searching and choosing a venue for their event.

Easy of use, highly informative, easily accessible were all success factors for the microsite. We wanted to design and develop a user experience that provided value for meeting planners by providing tools and info looking to book an upcoming event or conference in London.

Velocity oversaw the design, layout and development, including:

  • various online planning tools including attendance builder information to help the meeting planner market their meeting or event
  • a customized content management system
  • search engine optimization (Google, Bing and Yahoo)
  • tracking and analytics
  • dynamic facility search tool
  • an interactive meeting space calculator
  • support through maintenance and hosting

Using the URL, www.londonmeeting.ca we can track and monitor the effectiveness of various online and offline marketing initiatives and respond accordingly.

36% Increase in Pageviews
48% Increase in overall unique visitors