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Being in the Right Place

London is a perfect conference destination. Located at the crossroads of Highways 401, 402 and 403 - the major links connecting Michigan, Toronto, and the Niagara Falls regions - London is less than a day's drive from more than 150 million people. With excellent air access - including domestic and international connections at London International Airport - London is ideally located to draw a crowd. However, getting the message out to event planners across North America was a challenge. Enter Velocity Studio.


Recognizing a Tour de Force

Past experienced had taught Tourism London that uninitiated event planners viewed London as having little to offer their guests in terms of entertainment and attractions. However, once planners had themselves visited the City, they were always pleasantly surprised to see how large London is and how much there is to do. Of course, inviting every event planner to visit London personally was logistically and financially impossible. So, we did the next best thing.


Creating the Virtual London Experience

Velocity's approach was to develop an online platform whereby planners could learn everything they needed to know about London through an interactive and informative user experience. We literally rebuilt the City from the ground up online. After storyboarding and wireframing the outline, we referenced close to 300 static photographs of London's premier facilities and surrounding city landmarks. After stitching them together, we rendered in the cityscape in 3D. This virtual tour has not only built an online version of the City, it's building better relationship with Tourism London's vast network of prospects across North America.

300+ Photos Referenced
500 Hours in total Render Time
65% Increase in unique Visitors