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Making the Most of Every Season

The outdoor recreation program at Muskoka Woods youth resort features an impressive range of activities that are both entertaining and character-building - from archery to zip-lining, arts and crafts to radio broadcast. All activities are designed to encourage both team-building and individual challenge. While summer is focussed on residential camps at Muskoka Woods, the rest of year is dependent on school field trips. Recently, Muskoka Woods asked Velocity Studios to help build excitement for their fall to spring sessions.


Developing Relationships

We started with a look at the existing website. Everyone agreed that it was outdated, unappealing and a bit confusing. While teachers were the primary target, students and parents are important secondary audiences who would also needed convincing. A redesigned site would have to clearly communicate the key benefits of Muskoka Woods as a safe, organized and well-established learning destination. However, bottom line, it had to be seen as fun!


Seeing is Believing

Velocity recognized that the best way to get our message out was to incorporate a prominent video component into the site. After all, seeing is the next best thing to doing and video was the best way to convey the energy, spirit and positive nature of Muskoka Woods.

Velocity re-designed, re-programmed and re-branded the website to better echo Muskoka Woods' emphasis on an active, healthy lifestyle. We also completely revamped the content of the website to take each viewer through a "why Muskoka Woods" storyline. A customized content management system allows staff to keep content, including video, updated and fresh. As well, stronger calls to actions and clearer instructions on the website are leading to a greater number of actual visits to Muskoka Woods.

40% Increase in Pageviews
45% Increase in Average Time on Site
30% Increase in overall unique visitors