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McHardy Vacuum Corporate Website


Branding a Business

Since its modest origins in 1946, London, Ontario-based McHardy Vacuum has grown into one of the largest privately owned vacuum and cleaning supply centres in North America. You don't achieve that kind of longevity and success without building strong relationships along the way. But then business has always been personal with McHardy Vacuum. In working to better serve their customers, McHardy was quick to understand the potential of digital marketing. And they were ready to take the next step with e-commerce. That's where Velocity Studios came in.


Respecting the Past, Embracing the Future

McHardy Vacuum envisioned an updated website that was fresher, more userfriendly and better able to support a robust on-line shopping feature. The challenge: how do you embrace modern technology without compromising the good, old-fashioned, personal touch on which McHardy had built their reputation? Velocity saw that the solution was two-fold. We would build a solid architectural base, capable of supporting operations such as a sophisticated shopping cart system, and a practical, helpful user-interface that reinforced the charming characteristics and customer service of the McHardy Vacuum brand.


Cleaning Up Across the Nation

Velocity created a website tailored to the specific needs of McHardy Vacuum and their customers. In addition to an integrated e-commerce solution, features include search engine optimization, to draw more hits to the site, and a customized content management system, to allow McHardy staff to make easy, timely updates to the website. As well, better tracking and reporting components enable McHardy to better understand what their market is looking for on the website, and respond accordingly. Today, the McHardy Vacuum website has become a shopping destination for satisfied customers across the region, the Province and the Country.

78% Increase in Pageviews
68% Increase in Overall Online Sales
32% Increase in overall unique visitors