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Encapsulating a Living Brand

The London Downtown Business Association (LDBA) represents merchants and property owners in the City's downtown core as it works to ensure a clean, safe, attractive and lively environment to draw and retain business. To this end, LDBA promotes and supports an array of projects - from arts, entertainment and transportation to residential and business development - all the while interacting with a wide-range of stakeholders. Recognizing that its current online branding and digital strategy needed realignment, the LDBA called upon Velocity Studios.


Creating a Cycle of Success

The nature of the LDBA's role is quite cyclical. By nurturing a healthier downtown, they create a more positive image. This draws more businesses, investors and individuals to the area, which, in turn, nurtures a healthier downtown. It's all about relationships, and relationship building takes dialogue. So, how do you hold a meaningful conversation with so many participants? Find common ground.


Inspiring Through Discovery

Velocity's vision was the online translation of LDBA's strong value proposition: "Inspiration through Discovery" - which is a strategy that resonates positively with all parties. By celebrating the unique characteristics that merge in Downtown London, the website encapsulates the striking personality of this destination brand. Tactically, Velocity designed the site, its user interface and content management system to support several enhanced features - such as directory and database management, an offline promotions mechanism, a newsletter template platform and analysis of site metrics - that help address both short and long-term marketing goals. Velocity continues to support the site's success through hosting, email and IT support. As well, new marketing initiatives, based on this strong strategy, keep traffic flowing to this site, which has become a communications hub.

65% Increase in Pageviews
54% Increase in Average Time on Site
39% Increase in overall unique visitors