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Usability Testing

Do you need to find out why visitors are abandoning your site? Is there a particular area of your site that you feel should be performing better than it currently is?

A usability, or user experience test can be run on an entire site or on only one element of the site. It can be a simple A/B test on a page or it can be a sophisticated task-orientated review. Test groups can be as small as 50 users or as large as 10,000, depending on the scope of the test or how critical it is to the goals you have for the site.

Velocity Studio has extensive experience running usability text on websites of all sizes. Whether its an e-commerce site, or a brand building site, usability testing will ensure your site has the maximum possible impact on your customers.

Contact us to discuss how our expertise can reduce the usability roadblocks on your website.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

"Since day one – upon receiving Velocity’s uber–creative promotional package – this talented studio has impressed me greatly. Their professional staff has been both knowledgeable and responsive to every given request."

Jeremy Otto
Art Director
UJA Jewish Federation