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Rich Internet Applications (Flash/AJAX Development)

Users today demand more engaging experiences than ever. With the wide variety of rich user interfaces available, your projects need to be especially interactive, usable and dynamic to keep their attention. Rich application development is one of the best ways to ensure that your projects become successful. It is designed to be interactive and interesting, with the end result of more engaged users. Engaged users result in better data collection and more word of mouth for your business.

Rich application development keeps users interested for several reasons. First, it is highly interactive. Client-side processing ensures that clients drive the application, increasing their interest in the process. An engaged client is a repeat client. In addition, rich applications are focused on usability. Users are less likely to become confused or frustrated by your process and are more likely to provide high quality, useful data for your business. Finally, rich applications create a dynamic experience. Clients are less likely to become bored with a dull and static interface and will spread the word about your application to other prospects. Improved customer loyalty and higher profits will be the result.

Our personnel have the skills and know-how to assist you in developing highly effective, dynamic and engaging applications. Let us help you make your next rich application development project a successful one that improves your customer loyalty as well as your bottom line.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“I can literally say that this campaign has evoked institutional change while raising the profile of our organization to an all-time 40 year high. I have not received so much positive feedback from my target audience, industry experts and beyond on any other project in my career."

Jeff Sage
Marketing Director
Fanshawe College