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Mobile Development

CRM magazine, mobile applications market will reach $9 billion by 2011.
According to "ReadWriteWeb". The next big trend for social networking is the rise of the mobile social network. Gen Y's cell phone addiction has given way to a proliferation of these mobile networks. The number of users on these services is growing fast - in fact, a new study by InStat is predicting that by 2012, there will be nearly 30 million "millennials" in the U.S. using a mobile social network of some sort, and a ComputerWorld report confirms that worldwide, that number will soar to 975 million by 2012.
We believe that mobile goes beyond just apps and widgets. Mobile is a strategy. Mobile experiences need to engage and capture customers just as any other medium.

Whether native based or web enabled, our mobile experiences are always streamlined and integrated with an overall strategy in place. We have a great understanding of the platforms in question. From interface design to development parameters, we recognize that design direction impacts not only the user experience, but also development timelines and budget.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

"Our partnership with Velocity allowed us to outsource the production of our promotional assets. The quality of work was excellent and the timeliness and attention to detail allowed us to meet some very aggressive deadlines."

Jim Watson
Programming Director
AOL Games