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An effectively targeted Pay Per Click advertising campaign can bring large volumes of visitors to your website almost instantly.

An optimized website will ensure than your target customers will find you when they're searching for the products you want to be found for. Pay Per Click advertising can take your Internet Marketing campaign even further. PPC campaigns can be used for many purposes, from canvassing the web and pushing consumers to your website, to building brand awareness.

The main difference between Pay Per Click advertising and traditional advertising is that you're not working on assumptions. Unlike a Yellow Pages ad, where you pay up front and then hope that the right customer reads it, Pay Per Click is targeted to specific keywords and delivered only to a consumer who is searching for the exact phrase in your area. The benefits to this approach are immediately obvious because you are paying for a tangible result - a customer clicking on your ad and being transported to your site.

Key advantages of Pay Per Click advertising:

Affordable - you can specify the exact amount you wish to spend by day or by month.

Targeted - People are actively searching for something when they see your ad and your ads show only for the keywords or key phrases you specify. Negative keywords can also be used (i.e. don't show for searches including FREE in the string).

Immediate results - Search Engine Optimization will do a great job of attracting visitors to your site but it does take time to get to that point. Pay Per Click ads will start showing immediately and the benefit can be instantaneous. That's one of the reasons Pay Per Click ads can be a very useful lick-off phase of a Search Engine Optimization initiative. Once your organic Search Engine Optimization is bearing fruit you can scale back on your Pay Per Click campaign.

Local - Geo-targeted ads will only show to searchers in the geographic area you specify. You're not wasting money on someone in Texas if you're selling here in London. Likewise a London company could target customers in Toronto,Montreal or Windsor and direct them to a landing page created specifically for their city.

Cost effective - you pay only when someone actually clicks your ad and gets sent to your landing page. If no-one click your ad you simply don't pay, no matter how many thousand times it gets displayed and viewed.

Multiple ad groups possible - PPC campaigns can have multiple ad groups, each carefully worded ad targeting a different product/service, demographic, or need that exists. The marketing intelligence that this gleans is of immense value and can be used to refine other areas of your Search Engine Marketing campaign as well as your traditional sales force.

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